Welcome to Kingsworld

This campaign is a follow up to a campaign created and run many years ago. The basic storyline of the original campaign was a military-style story set around a group of members of the K.O.R.E. – The King’s Own Royal Expeditionary. They were chosen to patrol the realm of King’s World, assisting the various cities and villages with problems. The biggest challenge was combating the hordes of Kobolds and Orcs that held the areas between the civilized cities. This story is set hundreds of years after the original story. In the current day, humanity has lost. Kobolds and Orcs rule the continent, and hunt down any “civilized” humankind they can find. The remaining pockets of the civilized races are hidden as best as possible by the surviving council of Druids. Time is not on humanity’s side however. As attrition slowly erodes their numbers, a plan is formed to try and save what is left – and to recover the Old King’s secret item that might be the last hope of King’s World : A scroll with a “Wish” inscribed upon it. In the time of the Old King, magic was highly regulated, and in many cases it was simply illegal. The ultimate irony of the story : the very tool that was outlawed so long ago is the only chance humanity has to survive.

Kingsworld was written in 1989 by Chris Thompson and has been through two vigorous rewrites in 1997 and 2011. The scenario has been run for two KORE parties and the history of these 79 characters has been written into the campaign. The Wiki Pages will serve as a reference library of information for the party as they travel through Kingsworld. In most cases information will be added as the party learns of it or encounters it. Below you will find links to story (in the Adventure Log) as we go along.


The Story Unfolding

Clearing the Morgan Tunnels

Into the Plains

Journey to Gelsh