Clearing the Morgan Tunnels

After we managed to remove the massive bars holding shut the lower doors in the Tunnels, we ventured forth to see if we could clear the way to the lost city of Nostri. One thing we noticed immediately – there was a coating of a black, pitch-like soot covering the floor and much of the walls of the tunnels. Experimentation revealed that the substance was flammable, which became the point of major concern. We moved forward, in short order our shoes and lower clothing was covered with the black soot. Not far from the door, we began to encounter very thick layers of spider webbing. While not overly tough or sticky, it served to obscure our view down the hallways and slowed our progress. In another situation, it could simply have been burned away – but we were concerned with suffocating and with revealing the end of the tunnels to the outside world with a column of smoke. The long term plan is to gather remaining survivors and bring them thru the tunnels as a way of getting to the old city of Nostri – which we hope will be able to be defended by the remaining civilized-world forces. Once we have cleared it, our plan is to ignite the soot during the dark of night, if possible on a rainy night to keep the pall of smoke as hidden as we can. But for now, we simply cut the webs as we go. It is very slow, and tiring work.

While pushing forward, we found the long dead corpse of a dwarf. He was hiding a lantern, which we took with us. We cleared a lot of webbing, and along the was encountered a very large spider, with a red hour-glass marking on its body. Fortunately, none of us was bitten. Earimir harvested the poison sacs from the creatures mouth, for further research and experimentation.

We cleared a long stretch of tunnel, and eventually came to a downward set of massive stairs. Side hallways off the stairs revealed old silver mining tunnels. They also revealed a nest of spiders – more normal, not the very large poisonous variety, and an undead Kobold. We dispatched all of them, and there was great conjecture about just how or why a kobold would be raised as an undead. On the corpse we found some teeth.

Eventually, our trek ended at a crude wooden wall that had been constructed across one of the 15’ wide hallways. It had a crude door in it, which Novya believed to be trapped. She thought that it might well collapse if it was opened the wrong way – either from a trap or just from the ramshackle way the wall was made. Using a cantrip, we opened the door from a safe distance. Nothing happened, and we moved up – to see about 10 sets of glowing red eyes reflecting our light back at us … Kobolds ! These particular wretched creatures were “Nitchgarr” – or as they are commonly referred to, The Fire Kobolds. As we watched, the first 2 ranks came rushing down the stairs towards us, wielding spears or shortswords. The back rank, 2 kobolds, began striking flint and steel trying to ignite something. Knowing that whatever they were going to throw at us would be flammable, and knowing that we were still in an area covered in the black soot, I (Dimitri) opted to try and preempt their attacks with the use of a produce flame spell. While my companions thought I was crazy, I knew that the kobolds would be throwing fire anyways – so igniting the soot was inevitable. As the combat ensued, several flaming pots of oil were thrown down the stairs at us – setting the soot on fire. It burned with a low, blue flame (picture “sterno”), and while hot, it did not give off a lot of heat at any distance. It also did not flare badly enough to use up the oxygen in the area, although we were concerned about any smoke in the air. We dealt with the kobolds with a mixture of magic, arrows, and a good old beat down at the hands of our dwarf and Aschim. We put the burning soot out by snuffing the flames with blankets and cloaks – and ended the session searching the bodies of the kobolds. We have acquired a number of sealed flasks / pots of a low-grade, but very flammable oil.

We moved from the room where we fought last week and the rogue smelled smoke through a door. He went through and investigated the passages until he discovered that passage that we were in opened into a room with more then twenty kobolds in it. They were preparing a meal and we decided to wait for them to sit down and eat. During the wait is when the other dwarf showed up. The priest set some runes of power down as traps in the mouth of the hallway and one of the druids cast obscuring mist also at the mouth of the hallway. I cast a silent image of a wall made of the same stone that the rest of the room is made out of the funneled the kobolds through a narrow space and then we fought. We did discover that the kobolds are immune to all fire. The kobolds moved into the hallway towards us and we took them out in waves. The priest moved up the hallway followed by on of the druids and then the rest of us. We broke out into the room killing the rest of the kobolds near the entrance of the hallway. The kobolds on the other side of the illusory wall had set up a cauldron of oil that they had aimed at the break in the illusory wall. We moved through the wall instead of making for the break and their aim was ineffective. They poured the oil but it missed us completely.

(( we are missing notes on the kobold fight and the spider encounter))

( notes: session – sept 28)
We finished exploring the main mine area in which we fought the giant undead spider and the many many Kobolds (Again props to the Cleric)

We assured that there were no more creatures that could threaten us within the mine area. During this search we discovered a concealed/secret door that led from the mine area to the 5th great stair. We entered the 8th great stair and found that there was no lock or deterrent to
the kobolds having lived in this stair but seemingly they had avoided it. We found no tracks or signs that they had traveled here recently. The 8th stair is massive of 10,000 steps, at the top of the stair was a glowing monument of some sort and a short tunnel or gate. The tunnel/gate
and monument glow highly magical with a protection aura. Upon entering the gate there was some sort of divine judgment that took place. Anything evil was affected within the gate there were a few small piles of ash and bone that we took to be kobold or hobgoblin remains.
We assumes that at some point some creatures tried to defy the gate and were destroyed. Earamir (link) also noticed that the Kobold artifact lamp does not work within the confines of the gate.

We traveled through the gate and found the city of Nostri. Most of the buildings have deteriorated or been destroyed, but there still remained a few. We found an Inn and tavern, a blacksmith, a larger 4 bedroom house, and a keep behind a wall.(fix: which is the the governor’s house?) There were still people living in the city. A population of 30 or so that had remained here since the last king (link) went away.
We first stopped off at the Inn. The owner was the cook for the first king named Conrad of Burstill, and he seems like a nice enough man. After we ate a meal the likes of which I seriously doubt any of us have ever eaten before, we went to the keep to speak with the leader of the city, Captain Jonathan. We spoke to him of our short term errand and of the state of the world outside the city. He informed us that there are special properties of the cavern
that imbue it with a timelessness. Earamir (link) believes that this cavern is actually a small pocket dimension and that the gate is some sort of divine dimensional anchor. Jonathan stated that this place was created at the request of the King (which one?)to the Gods (which ones?). It also seems that there is an abundant supply of food here. Captain Jonathan alluded to magical means for the creation of the food. Captain Jonathan instructed us to begin the transportation of all the refugees to these caves. Not just those already in the Morgan tunnels but to bring all of the settlements within the range of the druids influence to the city of Nostry at once. We estimated that getting the closest settlement to the City will take about a month.
During this time while the Druids are busy with this task, others will begin work on other things. Most notably the rebuilding of Nostri and the gathering of resources. The timber that made up the scaffolding were taken and are being used to rebuild. Plans to cull some timber from the mountain were also discussed. All of the metal from the junk gear that we took from the Kobolds was given to the blacksmith to smelt down and reuse in the creation of new and
better tools and weapons.

We also met Ulti, the city’s governor. He told us he is also the city record keeper and we are free to investigate the library if we wished, and extended the hospitality of the governor’s mansion for our use. Ulti has been the governor for 903 years, and is the only the city’s second governor. The library is supposed to contain information of places to find spell components. We think that the library there is an invaluable resource for information and need to learn what we can from it, but at least two of the elven wizards intend to make my living space outside of the city and outside of the gate. They feel the differential between the way time passes inside and out is too extreme and fear that too much time will pass in the world if we spend too much time in the city.

Now that the need to eek out an existence has been mitigated and food, we hope, is plentiful the need to fill out the skill sets for the population becomes a priority. To that end searches have been made to discover those with talents that might be useful if trained. 32 children(mostly kids?) have been found to have magical aptitude. The most powerful 8 seem to have a calling towards the clerical path and will begin their training with the Dwarven cleric. The remaining 24, with their parents permission (even if that permission is granted through wheedling, cajoling, or intimidation) will begin learning the secrets of studying magic under the tutelage of at least two of the elven wizards. The Fionn has taken on one young dwarven boy who seems to be a hand full. We think that, with Captain Jonathan’s permission, the blacksmith, the governor (Lore master/Historian) and perhaps some of the guards should take on teaching classes or taking apprentices. While not teaching his classes in woodcraft and tracking the Ranger(link?) should along with Thanalon should begin producing bows and arrows AND teaching others to make them as well.

Other odds and ends:
We met and elf archer when we first met Jonathan. We also met to elven women who offered us food and drink. There were two elven guards at the keep, who we did not formally
meet. Gwydion knows Johnathan. The first king was here in the city for 6 days, and the second king was once here for 40 days.



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