Journey to Gelsh

As the party departed from the Duergar fortress they climbed to the peak of the mountain and scanned the valley below in preparation for their journey to Gelsh’s lair and Mount Speartip. The valley below was vast and some hundred miles across. The troops of the greens that had cluttered it before had moved past, all that remained was an encampment set in its center. The druids changed to bird form and scouted the settlement and found it to be some hundred elite guard in fine armor and Duncan’s servant. The night hag and her nightmare settled inside the encampment.
After some debate it was decided that Gwydion’s task was to important to wait so the party would head straight across the divide. But after dealing with his matters and perhaps Gelsh, they would return to face the hag and her troops.

It was revealed that Earamir was indeed of the bloodline of the enemy, and that the hag had been able to track him some how. He remained steadfast in resolve and gave notice to the party that his intentions were to see both the hag and Duncan slain for their crimes. The party made their way down into the valley and after a weeks travel made a stealthy path across to scale Mount Speartip. At its base, they encountered Gwydion’s escort. She said he had gone ahead to speak with Gelsh and after council with the druids agreed to serve as the new druid for this area and work to move the people north into the cleared tunnels for greater safety and departed.



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