• Cassandra


    CAssandra is a master guide and protector of Gwydion. She is a member of the Druid council and mentor to Keldra.
  • Conrad of Burstill

    Conrad of Burstill

    A burly barkeeper that runs the Inn in Nostri. Loud, pleasant and always a smile. Enjoys sharing stories from his old days in Burstill as a cook on a merchant vessel.
  • Duncan


    Duncan is a venerable wizard from the second age. Twisted and consumed with revenge he has dedicated his entire life to destroying mankind.
  • Gelsh


    Gelsh is an ancient red Dragon from the first age. He lives atop the Altin Mountains. He has a great distaste for being disturbed and holds long grudges.
  • Gwydion


    Very old high elf from from the days of King Everdone. Silver hair, green eyes. Carries a pair of mythril short swords.
  • Harrel


    Harrel was the queen and mate of Gelsh. She slain by a Duegarr warrior at the beginning of the second age.
  • Jonathan


    Captain Jonathan Chance is a half elf. Tall, blonde, and well spoken. He was an adventurer from the second age who now is the Protector of Nostri.
  • Kayel


    Queen of the Duegarr
  • Keldra


    Keldra is a high elf and druid of the third age. She has been quested by Gwidion to escort the north after they finish clearing the lost city of Nostri
  • King Everdone

    King Everdone

    King Everdone was the first king of the second age. He is most remembered for banishing magic which began the Prince's Rebellion after banishing his own brother Duncan.
  • Sheel


    A human and leader of the mountain settlement above Devicks Redwood Doors. Great grandson of Captain Martin Scheel, one time magistrate of Ciradell.
  • Ulti


    Ulti is an elf and advisor to King Everdone I . He was named Govenor of Nostri and has been there since its founding.
  • Umbarra


    Umbarra is a night hag and minion of Duncan
  • Westron


    Kendrick is an elven druid that patrols the Altin Mountains.