Duncan is a venerable wizard from the second age. Twisted and consumed with revenge he has dedicated his entire life to destroying mankind.


A high elf, 6 ft tall, he wears mostly black and greys. Duncan prefers to remain in hiding as a rule and was formally schooled as a wizard before the dissolution of the Wizards Council at the end of the First Age. Duncan has an unpleasant high pitched voice that is difficult to forget once heard.


Brother to Kind Everdone, Prince Duncan was born at the end of the First Age of Kingsworld. Banished for his magic ways by his brother shortly after his fathers death, Duncan became vengeful and rallied the Kobold and Orc forces against his brother and the realm at the onset of the second age. Duncan was eventually tracked down and killed by a KORE party and brought back to Capitol City for burial in the Royal Graveyard next to his parents.


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