King Everdone

King Everdone was the first king of the second age. He is most remembered for banishing magic which began the Prince's Rebellion after banishing his own brother Duncan.


Everdone is a high elf that dresses in whites and golds. A trained fighter, he has plate mail and uses a broadsword two handed in combat. Everdone is tall and strong.


King Everdone is the first king of the second age. He is the son of King Everdone the first, and was born at the end of the second age five years before his lone sibling (Duncan). Trained in combat he led raids to repel the Kobold hordes and was crowned after his fathers death. Seeing the growth of the hordes and the corruption caused by magic that created the Magic Wars in the first age, Everdone banned magic and made it punishable by death. His reign was one of turmoil until his eventual death. Everdone is credited with the expansion of the realm, unifying it, and finishing the ringed walls and fortifying all thirteen cities.

King Everdone

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