The Gates of Nostri

The Gates of Nostri sit deep in the Morgan Tunnels, the magic silver gate acts as portal and protection to the city of Nostri


The Gates of Nostri sits atop the 8th Great Stair in the Cavern of Chilbakwe. This magical gate defends the city of Nostri by stripping the powers of evil from passers by, destroying some outright. It passes into an area that is in magical time stop, The City of Kings, The Lost City of Nostri.


The cavern Nostri sits in is not magical. The gate itself causes the time stop and imbues the area magically as well as those who enter. Powerful magic created before the Magic Wars of the 1st age, Nostri was founded as a step back position to prevent the destruction of the realm by King Everdone I as the Magic Wars approached. Used again by King Everdone II and the King Rynwe as he revealed it to Gwydion as an option just before the 3rd age as a haven for those who one day might need protection from evil.

The Gates of Nostri

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