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World Map 12_

The Briskbranch Forest

Position: World Map 12

The Briskbranch Forest was home to the Briskbranch Frontiersmen of the second age. A nomadic cluster of elven rangers that policed the forest and surrounding lands. A thick pine and spruce forest and tough to travel with thick underbrush, the Kobolds tend to stick to the plains when marching. It currently serves as a small settlement of humanoid that live always ready to duck into hiding.

The Openway

Position: World Map 12

The Openway is a vast plain full of wildlife and grassy fields. Here many races come to hunt and forage for food. The plain is home to wild horses and once was host to “The City of Tents”. A collection of merchants that had a permanent rest stop where two major trade routes intersected.

Devendower Glade

Position: World Map 12 due west of Devendower Flat

This swamp spent most of the second age posted as “forbidden territory” due a predatory creature that roamed its marshes. Few have traveled its ways and many have failed to leave its borders once entering. Even the Kobolds avoid the marsh and fear the creature within.

Devendower Flat

Position: World Map 12

The flat is a large expanse of land separating Ignigs Wood and Briskbranch Forest. Considered by many to be part of the Openway, many old trade routes used to run through its fields.

Ignigs Wood

Position: World Map 12 due north of Devendower Flats

Ignigs Wood was home to the halfling race in the first and second age. Little sign of them can be found except the series of holes and tunnels that now dot the forest.


The Great Prairie of Verni

Position: World Map 13 due west of the Morgan Forest

This prairie is the largest on the continent. It opens into the Great South Sea. The plain is a low scrub plain with highlands and a few patches of trees. The terrain is rocky and often a hard ride for those on horseback. It is hosts to many travelers but few actually call it home.

The Morgan Tunnels

Position: World Map 13 inside Morgan’s Forest

The Morgan Tunnels were carved out originally by the dwarfs of the First Age. They were an active silver mine until attacked and conquered by Hobgoblins. The hobgoblins lived there until the end of the second age. Abandoned for a while, they are now home to a settlement of humanoids. The Morgan Tunnels are rumored to be an entrance to the Lost City of Nostri.

The Morgan Forest

Position: World Map 13

The Morgan Forest was originally the home of the Grey Elves in the Second Age. A beautiful forest full of lush oaks and elms. Remnants of elf structures can be found in the center of the forest destroyed long ago by Hobgoblins. The forest serves as an encampment for Kobold travel patrols and the occasional wandering creature.

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