OK starting entry for what spells should mages take?

This is to look at what spells to take this level.

These are my thoughs for next level (5)
Beast Shape I
Dispel Magic
Flame Arrow
Hold Person
Lightning Bolt
Stinking Cloud
Summon Monster III
Tiny Hut
Water Breathing

I will be taking Lighting bolt (for my evoc spell) and I am thing Beast Shape I it seems to be a good utility spell.

As well here is a list of what is in my spell book, if any of you want any of these for your book you are welcome to them.
Spell Level
Acid Splash 0
Arcane Mark 0
Bleed 0
Dancing Lights 0
Detect Magic 0
Detect Poison 0
Disrupt Undead 0
Flare 0
Light 0
Mage Hand 0
Mending 0
Message 0
Open/Close 0
Prestidigitation 0
Ray of Frost 0
Resistance 0
Touch of Fatigue 0
Burning Hands 1
Chill Touch 1
Comprehend Languages 1
Magic Missile 1
Mount 1
Obscuring Mist 1
Summon Monster I 1
Hold Portal 1
Shocking Grasp 1
Ray of Enfeeblement 1
Acid Sphere (Flaming Sphere) 2
Frost Ray (Scorching Ray) 2
Spectral Hand 2
Ghoul Touch 2
Fire Ball 3
Vampiric Touch 3
Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser 4
Continual Flame 2
Command Undead 2
Summon Swarm 2



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