The Kingsworld Monster Index

Giant Spider

Location Morgan Tunnels

Description – About the size of a small bear, this black spider features a red hourglass on her back. Quick and durable, the spider will attack most anything and eats most everything.

Kobolds , Mummy

Location Morgan Tunnels

Description – Same size as a Kobold and of same make up. Able to do manna drain. Created as a guard at origin. Mindless and will attack anything that comes within sight.

Kobolds , Nitchegarr

Location Morgan Tunnels

Description – White skinned beasts with hide helmets and breastplates. They fight primarily with spears and short swords. They are prone to fighting with a flammable liquid which they throw and dump on individuals in combat.

They stand 5-6 feet high and fight in packs as a rule. Nitchegarr are not seen often in the open wilderness.

Spider , Large

Description – Black with a red hourglass on its back. Lives in the silver mines inside the Morgan Tunnels. Has thick strong web.

Stands 12’ high and has smaller spiders about a foot around that swarm around it.

Spider , Skeletal Enormous

Description – Skeletal and some 50’ across it lives in the Central Silver mine and rules the Kobolds that live in the Morgan Tunnel complex. They worship and are sworn to its service in return for its help in destroying the hobgoblins for the Nichegarr.

The Kingsworld Monster Index

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